[svk-devel] Re: svk push confusion - plea for help

Adrian Howard adrianh at quietstars.com
Fri Apr 27 04:37:07 EDT 2007

On 24 Apr 2007, at 13:40, Adrian Howard wrote:

> Ok - I'm confused... if somebody could enlighten me here I'd really  
> appreciate it.
> This is rather long - apologies - but I'm trying to include  
> everything that seems vaguely relevant. If more info is needed  
> please let me know.
> Am I completely getting the wrong end of the stick in how to use  
> SVK in this situation? I've been doing similar things at other  
> times with no problems. Any clues/pointers welcome.
> Any help/pointers more than welcome. I really don't want to have to  
> go back to plain SVN :-)

So everybody else is as confused as I am then :-)

I really want to help fix this if I can - so if there is anything I  
can do to help diagnose what's up please let me know.

Until then - since I need to get some work done - back to plain old  
subversion <sigh> :-(


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