[svk-devel] revision number weirdness and work stoppage

Michael Peters mpeters at plusthree.com
Wed Apr 25 08:47:40 EDT 2007

I just committed a change to my local copy of a mirrored repo. Then when I try
to push that change I get this:

Committed revision 22354.
[mpeters at localhost krang]$ svk push --verbatim
Invalid filesystem revision number: No such revision 27397

Any subsequent attempts to push get the same error message. I've recently merged
into this branch from another branch and committed the results back to my svn
repository just fine. Doing an svk info shows this:

[mpeters at localhost krang]$ svk info
Checkout Path: /home/mpeters/development/krang_ajax
Depot Path: //local/krang/branches/ajax_and_new_skin
Revision: 22354
Last Changed Rev.: 22354
Copied From: /mirror/krang/branches/ajax_and_new_skin, Rev. 21732
Copied From: /mirror/krang/trunk/krang, Rev. 21585
Merged From: /local/krang/trunk/krang, Rev. 27397
Merged From: /mirror/krang/branches/ajax_and_new_skin, Rev. 21732
Merged From: /mirror/krang/trunk/krang, Rev. 21585

How can the local copy at /local/krang/trunk/krang be at revision 27397 when
that revision doesn't exist? But more importantly, how can I fix my working
copies or svk repo so that I can get back to work?

Michael Peters
Plus Three, LP

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