[svk-devel] How to find out if remote repository has changed?

Kuckuck Kuckuck gentoopower at yahoo.de
Mon Jan 8 03:46:10 EST 2007

Hallo Folks,

I'm supposed to write a tool that checks in the background if there are differences in the local and remote repository. I have setup svk in the following way:

svk mirror https://myserver/HWConfig //HWConfig/trunk

svk sync //HWConfig/trunk

svk copy //HWConfig/trunk //HWConfig/local

svk checkout //HWConfig/local HWConfig

Checkin, checkout, merge, pull
everything is working as expected, but I haven't found a way to determine if there are differences between my local 
repository and the one on the remote https server. 
The idea behind my task is: my tool periodically checks if there is a network connection to the server then finds out if there is a change.
Once there is a change the user is advised to merge or update. The vehicle will be then be locked and cannot move outside the network range until 
merge is complete. 

I'd appreciate any help on this, thanks in advance Richard

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