[svk-devel] Edit/addition of previous commit logs?

Paul Cochrane paultcochrane at gmail.com
Mon Jan 8 04:51:54 EST 2007


> >> I expect this is a problem because you want to smerge iteratively.
> >> Try smerge iteratively _up to_ the problematic patch[0], merge that
> >> patch over manually with merge -c and a commit message, then smerge
> >> iteratively up to HEAD, something like this:
> >>
> >>         svk smerge -I //local/foo at rXXX-1 //remote/foo
> >>         svk merge -c XXX //local/foo //remote/foo
> >>         svk smerge -I //local/foo //remote/foo
> >
> > The problem seems to be occurring because parrot recently implemented
> > a pre-commit check for empty commit messages. It's possible that the
> > problem is caused by me using a 'smerge' rather than a 'push'.  At
> > present 'push' seems to work alright.
> Yes, that was obvious to me, but I could have spelled it out more
> clearly in my response. That's why I suggested merging the
> problematic patch manually, thus adding a commit message. I'm a bit
> confounded that this didn't work for you, but that push did, but on
> the other hand I'm happy that you now have a work-around for your
> problem.

I was a bit confused as to why push worked as well... Nevertheless,
I'm running into the same problem with push.

cochrane at avon parrot $ svk push --verbatim
Auto-merging (24763, 24907) /parrot/local to /parrot/remote (base
===> Auto-merging (24763, 24770) /parrot/local to /parrot/remote (base
Merging back to mirror source https://svn.perl.org/parrot/trunk.
g   lib/Parrot/Distribution.pm
Conflict found in MANIFEST.generated:
e)dit, d)iff, m)erge, s)kip, t)heirs, y)ours, h)elp? [e]
Waiting for editor...
Merged MANIFEST.generated:
a)ccept, e)dit, d)iff, m)erge, s)kip, t)heirs, y)ours, h)elp? [a]
G   MANIFEST.generated
g   languages/cola/gen.c
New merge ticket: 2d5eba5e-1c16-0410-82ce-edad0cc2a1fc:/parrot/local:24770
A repository hook failed: MERGE request failed on '/parrot/trunk':
'pre-commit' hook failed with error output:

***  Commit message is empty  ***

What's really weird is that it's barfing on a *previous* merge point
which was having problems, namely:

  ===> Auto-merging (24763, 24770) /parrot/local to /parrot/remote
(base /parrot/  remote:24769).

which I'd already merged.  Why is svk trying to merge this again?

I've found something of a workaround though:

svk smerge -l //parrot/local at 24770 //parrot/remote -m "svk merge"

which merges everything back properly (or so it seems).  I'd already
merged this revision (24770) using this command but now it seems I
need to do it again to be able to merge back even later changes.  It's
rather odd, and I've got no idea what's happening.  It's a bit of a
pity really as svk is one of the handiest tools in my toolbox, and
this is somewhat annoying.

I'm using svk 1.08 btw.

Thanks again for your help, and thought you might be interested in the update.


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