[svk-devel] SVK sneaker-net question

Mark E. Hamilton mhamilt at sandia.gov
Tue Jan 9 17:09:18 EST 2007


I've been tasked to research Subversion and SVK. One of the things we'd 
like to be able to do is to share a repository with a location that 
doesn't have, and will never have, network access to the 'master' 
repository. It seems clear from R. Brown's "SVK - a visual guide" and 
the Bieber Labs tutorial that once a mirrored path is created in a depot 
and disconnected that it can never be modified until it's reconnected.

This seems to imply that we could create a new mirror of the master 
repository, take it to the remote machine, replace the mirrored path in 
the depot with it, then update our local branch with those changes and 
vice-versa. Just is similarly, we could then bring back a copy of the 
remote depot, and merge the changes back into the master repository.

Is this reasonable and supported, or am I all wet? Is there a better way 
of doing this?

Mark E. Hamilton
Orion International Technologies, Inc.
Sandia National Laboratory, NM.

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