[svk-devel] SVK sneaker-net question

David Glasser glasser at mit.edu
Wed Jan 10 10:52:52 EST 2007

On 1/9/07, Mark E. Hamilton <mhamilt at sandia.gov> wrote:
> This seems to imply that we could create a new mirror of the master
> repository, take it to the remote machine, replace the mirrored path in
> the depot with it, then update our local branch with those changes and
> vice-versa. Just is similarly, we could then bring back a copy of the
> remote depot, and merge the changes back into the master repository.

Yes, something like that could work.  You can keep a depot on an
external disk (see the "svk depotmap" command) instead of in a home
directory.  Inside that depot you can have standard /mydepot/mirrors
and /mydepot/local directories.  When you're at the master, you can
run "svk sync" on /mydepot/mirrors/some-mirror, and you can commit
back to it by merging branches from /mydepot/local to
/mydepot/mirrors.  When you're not at the master, you can do your
development out of the local branches.  (Just make sure you are
running similar versions of SVK on both machines that are sharing the
depot, of course.)


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