[svk-devel] Some problems using svk as an svn mirroring mechanism

Justin Patrin papercrane at gmail.com
Tue Jan 16 20:17:12 EST 2007

I'm using svk 2.0.0 for Windows and am continuing my quest to use svk
as a mirroring mechanism for svn.

I'm synced the original repository to svk with no (big) problems and
started merging to an completely empty svn repository. It went fine
for a while then I got conflicts. I don't see why there would be any
conflicts when I'm merging one mirrored svn repo to a completely empty
second repository.

After I went through a few conflicts I got some 404's. svk couldn't
fine a file to run a copy/merge operation on the new repo. This is
strange, however, as it seems to be copying *backwards*. Plenty of
other copy operations were mirrored fine but these just wouldn't go. I
reconstructed the revision in a local checkout and started merging
again only to have the same error happen later.

Are either of these known problems? Is there more info I can give to
help debug these problems without giving away any repo info (this is a
closed repo)?

Justin Patrin

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