[svk-devel] For those people who upgrade from 1.08 to 2.0 (Win32)

Mark Wu mark.wu at markplace.net
Wed Jan 17 07:29:31 EST 2007

Hi All:
I just upgrade my working environment from SVK 1.08 to 2.0 using Kevin's
Everything works fine. But when I downgrade to 1.08, some weird things
When I use "svk sync //xxx" (in 1.08), it just show me
"Can't call method "XXX" on unblessed reference", as the same error post

It seems Kevin's build use YAML > 0.6, and the original 1.08 build use YAML
is 0.39 ... that's why cause the error.
So, my questions is 
** how can I downgrade to 1.0.8 without those error messages? Is it
Another problem is, it seems Kevin's build did not include 18n from SVK, so
there is only English messages.
I just try to copy the po files from SVK::I18n, and add a environment
varialve LANG = zh_TW. Then. it can show Traditional Chinese without any
But, if I use "svk sync -a", it still show me English messages.
So, the 2nd question is:
** How can I Change SVK locale correctly?
Thanks for this great software.
Regards, Mark
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