[svk-devel] copy->add->copy->move->smerge: File not found error

"Bernhard K. Weißhuhn" bkw at weisshuhn.de
Thu Mar 1 12:53:44 EST 2007

Bernhard K. Weißhuhn wrote:
> One workaround is to smerge back the way you came from, like so:
>   svk smerge //sandbox/branches/branchcopy //sandbox/branches/newbranch
>   svk smerge //sandbox/branches/newbranch //sandbox/branches/trunk

Silly typo. Of course that line should read:

   svk smerge //sandbox/branches/newbranch //sandbox/trunk

... but I guess you figured that already.

In case your mailfilter ate the attachment, it can be found at:



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