[svk-devel] copy->add->copy->move->smerge: File not found error

Viktor Štujber theultramage at gmail.com
Sat Mar 3 03:08:34 EST 2007

I've already reported a similar thing:
- take a vendor branch, add its contents to your branch (svk add, not svk copy)
- ... use the repo ...
- svk delete a file in your branch (must not have a merge base yet)
- svk move the file's equivalent in the vendor branch
- merge from vendor's branch
If I'm correct, this setup will output a "file not found,
/yourbranch/deletedfile" instead of ignoring it.
A similar case is when they HAVE merge history, that also didn't work
until one of the recent trunk revisions (although it re-adds the file
from history instead of skipping it, which I don't think is the
correct behavior).

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