[svk-devel] unexpected behavior with pull

Johannes Rudolph johannes.rudolph at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 7 13:04:34 EST 2007

Hi Dave,

> When I did my "svk push", lackadaisically assuming this would just push my local changes > to the branch onto the *remote* svn branch, I was surprised, and dismayed, and in fear for > > my job!... when svk also took it upon itself to merge the remote svn branch (originally copied > from the trunk) back *into* the trunk.
Ouch, but yes I've done that mistake before, too. Though it's expected
behaviour. You have just to remember some points:
1.) A mirror is a mirror is a mirror: working on an svk mirror is
identical to working to the mirrored repository. If you directly work
on the mirror you do not need any push/pull. That's it.
2.) push: svk push <A> merges every change from branch A back into the
stream you branched A from. That's what's happened to you.
3.) pull is the reverse of push

If you want to use push and pull without hitting the actual trunk you
need to create a *local* branch from the mirrored remote *branch*. I
think that's the common use case.

Does that help?!?



Johannes Rudolph

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