[svk-devel] RA layer request failed: COPY of

Carol Wesolowski Carol.Wesolowski at arroweyesolutions.com
Mon Mar 12 20:48:22 EDT 2007


I have recently upgraded my SVN server and client side software and I am now seeing the following error [RA layer request failed: COPY of SRRs/Completed/SRR_CARDWAYS_TRD#181: 404 Not Found (http://aslvcode) Please sync mirrored path /SW_DocsMainMirror first.] when the users do a "Copy To" or drag move via the TSVN browser from one directory into another.  I had not seen this problem previous to the upgrade.

My repository is configured as follows.  I have a main repository server and three sites that are mirrored from the main server (using svk).  All three sites sync and merge to/from the main repository every 10-15 minutes. From the mirrors are local copies from which the users work from.  I am using mod-dav (http) as the communication protocol.

Previous Software Version		Upgraded Software Version
SVN 1.3				SVN 1.4.2 
SVK 1.06				SVK 2.0
Apache 2.0.55				Apache 2.0.55
TSVN 1.3.x				TSVN 1.4.3

Did I miss something in the upgrade?  Has anyone seen this problem before?  Do I need to upgrade Apache?  My research prior to the upgrade did not suggest this.

-Thanks in advance.

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