[svk-devel] copy->add->copy->move->smerge: File not found error

Chia-Liang Kao clkao at clkao.org
Wed Mar 14 07:29:26 EDT 2007


On 01/03/07, "Bernhard K. Weißhuhn" <bkw at weisshuhn.de> wrote:
> I attached the old test-script and a current transcript with svk-2.0.
> One workaround is to smerge back the way you came from, like so:
>   svk smerge //sandbox/branches/branchcopy //sandbox/branches/newbranch
>   svk smerge //sandbox/branches/newbranch //sandbox/branches/trunk
> Is this manual backtracking really necessary or is it just a
> longstanding bug?
> + svk smerge --sync --log --message 'Merge branchcopy back into trunk' --remoterev //sandbox/branches/branchcopy //sandbox/trunk
> Syncing file:///tmp/sandbox
> Auto-merging (0, 7) /sandbox/branches/branchcopy to /sandbox/trunk (base /sandbox/trunk:2).
> Merging back to mirror source file:///tmp/sandbox.
> A   dir_added_in_newbranch
> Filesystem has no item: File not found: revision 1, path '/trunk/dir_added_in_newbranch/file_added_in_newbranch'

I finally had a chance to try to reproduce.  I've translated your test
case into .t for reproducing more easily.

I guess plain add of the file_moved_in_branchcopy is the correct
behaviour of this.

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