[svk-devel] Re: Still problems using svk w/svn.apache.org

Jason Dillon jason at planet57.com
Mon Mar 19 17:21:02 EDT 2007

FYI, I think the sync issues are all gone now... though I did have to  
setup this fix below once to get past issues, but now I've rebuilt  
from trunk and sync'd just fine which I imagine blew away my local  
change to SVNRa.pm.

Thanks for your help.  Though I still need more help to get the  
rename stuff working correctly and reliably.  I posted email about  
this the other day. I'd appreciate it when you have time to hear your  



On Mar 13, 2007, at 5:40 PM, Chia-Liang Kao wrote:

> On 14/03/07, Jason Dillon <jason at planet57.com> wrote:
>> Is there a way I turn off pipelinging in svk temporarily to move past
>> this?  And then once its gets past I can turn it back on?
> Not easily at the moment, which ought to get fixed.  You can change
> SVK/Mirror/Backend/SVNRa.pm's has_replay to always return 0 for now.
> Cheers,
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