[svk-devel] RE: SVK mirror failed after Joomla change it's SVN repository

Chia-Liang Kao clkao at clkao.org
Fri Mar 23 07:07:38 EDT 2007


On 22/03/07, Mark Wu <markplace at gmail.com> wrote:
> Does any one know what is "relayed mirror source doesn't not have svm:source
> at /usr/share/perl5/SVN/Mirror/Ra.pm line 108, <STDIN> line
> 1" means?

For some reasons the remote repository seems to have some signature
that svk thinks it's a mirror of something else, hence performing a
relayed mirror.  But this is rather legacy code in SVN::Mirror.  Could
you try just edit SVN::Mirror::Ra's init_state function and make the
following condition always fails by putting a 0 && in it?

    if ($prop && $prop->{'svm:mirror'}) {

See if that helps and perhaps we should have anoter maintenance
release for SVN::Mirror.


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