[svk-devel] Using svk to mirror a svn repos and problem with UTF-8 (??)

Marc Poulhiès marc.poulhies at imag.fr
Mon May 14 03:00:26 EDT 2007

"Jared Hardy" <jaredhardy at gmail.com> writes:

>> $ svn co -p //local/think-ow think-ow
> Doh! Pardon my lack of thorough reading. This is obviously wrong. I
> looked past the "n" and thought you were still using svK, to make the


> working copy. Comparing the structure in your previous e-mail again, I
> think this may be the command you want:
> $ svn co file:///home/user/.svk/local/local/think-ow think-ow

$ svn co file:///home/marc/.svk/local/

A    think-ow/trunk
A    think-ow/trunk/tools
A    think-ow/trunk/tools/org

Thanks !

> This is because local is the repository folder name, and
> local/local/think-ow is the specific branch you want under that
> repository. I could be wrong again on this, but it's worth a shot.
>    Now the other question that comes to mind is, why continue to use
> svN for the Working Copy when you already have svK installed? SVK is
> much faster, and you already have the mirrored repository on the local
> drive, so having a bunch of svN text-base files copied locally seems
> like a huge waste.

Yes. In fact, for my own dev, I use bzr (sorry ;)), but for work, we
have a forge with svn server etc. I want to use svk for mirror + my dev
on this forge. The reason for the svn co is because the forge is
sometime down, so my repos will act as a backup ;)

Thanks again!


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