[svk-devel] svk merge, problem w/ copied path in local branch

Mark Lundquist lundquist.mark at gmail.com
Wed May 30 19:56:25 EDT 2007


I ran into a problem today and I wonder if anyone knows what is causing 

1) A while back I copied a path within a remote repository which I am 
mirroring locally.  I don't remember whether I made the copy directly 
in the remote repository using svn, or made the copy in my mirror and 
then synced... but it was one or the other.  I'll call the original 
path 'O'  new copy 'N', and my mirrored version of 'N', 'MN'.

2) I made a local development branch by copying 'MN'... call this new 
path 'L'.  It exists only in my local repository.

3) Checked out a bunch of changes in a working copy of L.

4) Did a "svk pull" in the L working copy, to pick up intervening 
changes from N.

5) Did "svk push" from the L working copy.

When I did this, something bad happened... svk committed every change 
to N since its copy from O back to O!  Essentially, it turned O into N.

So, what is the deal?  Any ideas?


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