[svk-devel] svk space issue in mirror

npulrj at sina.com npulrj at sina.com
Thu May 24 23:49:22 EDT 2007

The case is like this:

It is about space problem. When I do a mirror of a main repository that contains space in its path. Like: https://acsp.../Project%20Management". Mirror and sync operation all work as usual way. But when I try to access files or folders, there’s nothing. Like following:
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>svk ls //mirror/after_test
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>

Then I do a test, and find that:
·       Repository that doesn’t have space in his path can work.
·       Repository that doesn’t have space but whose sub folder has space also can work.
·       The mirror folder haven’t got space, but his former path have space, also doesn’t work. Like: https://acspd.../Project%20Management/kevintest/
·       Using tortoiseSVN to make work copy can work.

My PC environment:
Svk: 2.0.0
TortoiseSVN: 1.3.5
Windows XP.

So, I am not sure it is because of svk can’t handle such problem, or any other reason. How can I resolve such problem except rename it?

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