[svk-devel] svk merge, problem w/ copied path in local branch

Matthew Draper matthew at trebex.net
Wed May 30 20:36:14 EDT 2007


On Wed, 2007-05-30 at 16:56 -0700, Mark Lundquist wrote:
> 1) A while back I copied a path within a remote repository which I am 
> mirroring locally.  I don't remember whether I made the copy directly 
> in the remote repository using svn, or made the copy in my mirror and 
> then synced... but it was one or the other.  I'll call the original 
> path 'O'  new copy 'N', and my mirrored version of 'N', 'MN'.
> 2) I made a local development branch by copying 'MN'... call this new 
> path 'L'.  It exists only in my local repository.
> 3) Checked out a bunch of changes in a working copy of L.
> 4) Did a "svk pull" in the L working copy, to pick up intervening 
> changes from N.
> 5) Did "svk push" from the L working copy.
> When I did this, something bad happened... svk committed every change 
> to N since its copy from O back to O!  Essentially, it turned O into N.
> So, what is the deal?  Any ideas?

I just wrote a standard "push/pull expect a local branch" explanation,
then realised that you claimed to have one. :)

It sounds suspiciously like your checkout of L is actually a checkout of
MN; push/pull only operate on the immediate copy source, as far as I
recall. What's "svk info" got to say on the matter?

matthew at trebex.net
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