[svk-devel] Stumped! Can't detach broken mirror... still no solution

Mark Diggory mdiggory at MIT.EDU
Thu Feb 7 16:59:36 EST 2008

Yes, this is how it is configured in my svk/svn repo. But I cannot  
remove the mirror still

props on my repo located at /var/svn/repos looks like

svm:mirror = /mirrors/foo \ /mirrors/bar \ /mirrors/bam

and under each of those paths is a svm:uuid property and a svm:source  

However when I do a 'svk mirror -l' I see instead

> %:/var/svn/repos mdiggory$ svk mirror -l
> Path   Source
> =======================================
> //   https://some/path/a/repo

and not what I expected which should look like

> %:/var/svn/repos mdiggory$ svk mirror -l
> Path   Source
> =======================================
> //mirrors/foo   https://some/path/a/repo
> //mirrors/bar   https://some/path/a/repo
> //mirrors/bam   https://some/path/a/repo

Its as if theres some "hidden" configuration in the svn repo  
somewhere overriding what is in the svn properties... Am I missing  
something obvious? This seems like a bug.

I've also dumped my svn repo upto the revision prior to my erroneous  
"svk mirror" mistake and restored... And unbelievably, its still there!

any help would be greatly appreciated.  I've got allot of stalled  
work waiting to get moved around and I'm quickly thinking about  
abandoning svk as a solution because of this problem :-(


On Jan 30, 2008, at 2:37 PM, Johannes Rudolph wrote:

> I stopped using svk a while ago, but if I remember correctly the
> information about mirrors is saved like this:
> It is saved in the svk repository (which is a standard svn repository
> BTW which you can view and edit using the standard subversion tools).
> 1.) There is a subversion property in the root directory which holds a
> list of all the mirror directories. (svk:mirror(s)?)
> 2.) In the mirror directory itself is another property which denotes
> the remote URL of the mirrored directory.
> I hope this helps.
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> Johannes
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