[svk-devel] TortoiseMerge could not access files

Steve Wagner lists at lanwin.de
Tue Jun 17 09:54:50 EDT 2008

Hi again :-)

I use TortoiseSVN on Windows and so svk uses automatically TortoiseMerge 
as merge tool. But on my system it dose not work. Every time i try to do 
i merge if got the following error:

"The process could not access the file because it is used by another 
process" (free text translation from german).

The call to TortoiseMerge is correct. Ive copyed the temp files and the 
commandline form process explorer and call it after svk was closed and 
it works. So i think the problem is how svk holds handles to the temp files.

I am also ready to test a patch :-)


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