[svk-devel] SVN_EDITOR path dont work if the path has an space in it

Steve Wagner lists at lanwin.de
Wed Jun 18 14:01:28 EDT 2008

Yes it works, but two questions: How i can attach parameters to my 
editor with this patch?

SET SVN_EDITOR=C:\program files\notepad++\notepad++.exe -r

This dose not work.

Did unix dose not allow spaces in pathes, elsewhere this problem exists 
on unix too?

By, Steve

Chia-liang Kao schrieb:
> Can you see if this patch works for you?
> 2008/6/17 Steve Wagner <lists at lanwin.de>:
>> Hi, i try to use Notepad++ on my Vista system as editor. Per default it
>> installs to "C:\program files\notepad++\notepad++.exe". The problem is:
>> line 254 in Util.pm: my @editor = split (/ /, $editor);
>> This command splits the path to the following:
>> C:\program
>> files\notepad++\notepad++.exe
>> I am not a perl developer and i dont know why the split is there, but i
>> think the best solution is to allow the path to surround with " and dont
>> split it inside the " .
>> If there there is if fix for it, i am ready to test it :-)
> Cheers,
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