[rt-users] Severe performance problems suddenly in RT 3.8.2

Tim Cutts tjrc at sanger.ac.uk
Wed Feb 18 02:18:14 EST 2009

On 18 Feb 2009, at 12:48 am, Ruslan Zakirov wrote:

> First time I see something like that. May be it's better to ask on
> mysql lists. And sure you should keep digging into a reason. My
> practice shows that there is no such thing as "suddenly" in IT. There
> is always some change that turn world up side down.
> optimize/analyze on InnoDB don't do the same job as on myisam tables,
> it's documented in mysql's docs. You can find way to rebuild indexes
> on a table and as the last resort use full re-load.

I think  that's what I'm going to do - the slave of our RT instance,  
which is also running MySQL 5.0.51, performs the same query in only 15  
seconds, not four minutes...


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