[rt-users] Comment notification e-mails dropping characters

Samuel Jones samuel+rt-users at tacticalbuddha.net
Tue Jul 2 12:37:44 EDT 2013

Hello guys!

We've noticed a problem on our helpdesk recently, where e-mailed notifications of new 
comments are loosing letters in their subject lines!

Some examples are:

[Comment] Missig Ev Rpr
should be: [Comment] Missing Event Report

[Comment] Vhicl Rd ha ar du PMI
should be: [Comment] Vehicles Rented that are due PMI

but, the outgoing e-mail event item from within the ticket shows the subject line as OK

Subject: [CVS Helpdesk #745] [Comment] Vehicles Rented that are due PMI 
From: "James Green via RT" <>
In-Reply-To: <515023E4.5090406 at uk-cvs.com>
References: <RT-Ticket-745 at CVS> <515023E4.5090406@#######>
Message-ID: <rt-4.0.4-2196-1364365439-755.745-8-0 at CVS>
Precedence: bulk
X-RT-Loop-Prevention: CVS Helpdesk
RT-Ticket: CVS Helpdesk #745
Managed-by: RT 4.0.4 (http://www.bestpractical.com/rt/)

We're currently running RT 4.0.12. I can't work out why this would be happening at all :-( 
Please can someone help me out? 
Thanks in advance,
Samuel (OrangutanClyde)
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