[rt-devel] Rt devel-faq

Tobias Brox tobiasb at tobiasb.funcom.com
Wed Apr 12 12:51:00 EDT 2000

> I've taken a look, and I think it might be useful to dump some info on the
> project under "Hacking on RT" at fsck for interested developers.

RT 2.0 or RT 1.0?

There is clearly needed more docs for developers .. docs for how things
are supposed to behave, design docs, etc.  I'm not sure the right way to
do is to make it as a FAQ.

Check the HACKING document on the root of the RT 2.0 distribution (it is
at least present in the CVS..).  There might be some useful stuff there.

> some suggestestions on sections:
> general state of the project

Maybe this fits more into the README or a TODO file or something?

> what needs to be worked on - projects and refinements that are desired but
>  don't have anyone currently working on them.

Hm ... also sounds a bit like if it belongs to the TODO file.

Btw, the TODO file points to a RT queue.  That might make sense.

Tobias Brox 
aka TobiX
+47 22 925 871

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