[rt-devel] Troubles w/ RT2 1.3.69 Mail Commands...

Jesse jesse at fsck.com
Wed Apr 4 16:34:28 EDT 2001

On Wed, Apr 04, 2001 at 02:17:14PM -0500, Joshua Johnson wrote:
> Any thoughts on how you would like to implement them Jesse?
> I.E. a full perl lexer/parser using an RT grammar running against the first 
> mime text area?? 
> or
> Something more direct 
> 	( A bunch of =~'s to call out things?)
> or
> Something in between the two?

I'm not really _too_ picky about how it gets done.
I suspect the message syntax used in RT 1.0 won't cut it at all.
My real requirements are that it:

        be easy for someone with slight-to-moderate programming background
        to read and modify.

        be clean, well commented code.

        have hooks such that that PGP or S/MIME or password or some other auth
        could be plugged in

I suspect that "the right thing to do" would be to do the mail-command mode
as a completely seperate tool from the user-mode mail gateway.   
Among other things, that would probably speed development and make it
easier for sites to deploy without fear of clobbering their
incoming mail interface.  That would also decouple it from the core's release
schedule, which means that folks won't have to wait for 2.2 to get a stable
mail command mode :)

> Also, 
> 	Is there a particular issue with the web file attachment that kept you from 
> implementing it sooner?  I have done the file upload piece before, however I 
> assume the issue was not in the actual upload code but somewhere else.

There were some issues with how to do it in a way that would work with mod_perl
and with the various *CGI interfaces when they got working. And really, it was
less important than getting a stable release out :) I actually have HTML::Mason
code to implement file upload. it's just not slated for integration until
after 2.0

> I have very limited time, and I have only been in your code this week so I am 
> not really well versed, but I would be willing to help where I can if you 
> have an idea of what you would like done?

*nodnod* If you want to hack on a prototype RT2 mail gateway, that would be
very very cool. 

> Eventually I want to tie this in with an aegis source control tool (using 
> shell scripts, and the CLI) so I would like to help if I can to accelerate 
> the integration.

Oh. that would _rock_.

> Thanks for all of the hard work--and a wonderful product,
No problem. I'm glad it's useful to you.

> Josh
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