[rt-devel] Tonight's incomplete proof-of-concept bad-idea code

Bob Apthorpe arclight at jump.net
Mon Dec 24 19:52:34 EST 2001

Actually, an IRC bot makes a lot of sense - I could've used this 
about a year ago, back before my employer sank beneath the 
waves of inky red. We used a private IRC server for internal Ops 
communication and RT for work management (funny how I have the 
time to install, maintain and enhance RT but it's outside my job 
description to support migration to Remedy. Heh.)

I can't imagine running this in public. IRC in a cloistered 
environment is scary enough.

-- Bob

On 24 Dec 2001, at 11:15, Brandon S. Allbery wrote:

> On Mon, 2001-12-24 at 09:09, Bruce Campbell wrote:
> > On Sun, 23 Dec 2001, Jesse Vincent wrote:
> > > An RT IRC bot. the code's messy as hell. IRC's not at all secure.
> > > I suspect that this bot's authentication is even more dodgy than
> > > most. You don't want to run this code at all. But you ESPECIALLY
> > > don't want to run it on a public IRC network.
> > 
> > Has anyone mentioned lately that you're a touch scary at times?  I
> > mean, really scary ;)
> *shrug*  I've been running an RTBot on zephyr for a while now (hacked
> into RT1)... but I admit that the same for IRC strikes me as a Bad
> Idea :)
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