[rt-devel] Scrip for changing queues

Eric Mandel EMandel at worldnow.com
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Works great. The only issue that I have is that the message content cannot
be included in the template. I've seen similar posts on this regarding other
actions so I kind of understand why. I've also cleaned up the readme a bit
(see below). Feel free to clean it up. Thanks a lot. 

This package consists of a ScripCondition which fires if the current
is a queue change.  It includes two files. A perl installation script
(insert_condition.pl) which will insert the information needed for this
Condition into RT's database, and a module to be placed into
lib/RT/Condition in your RT instance.

To Setup:

- Copy the QueueChange.pm module into lib/RT/Condition in your RT instance.
- Edit insert_condition.pl and replacing !!RT_LIB_PATH!! & !!RT_ETC_PATH!!
with the correct paths.
- run 'perl insert_condition.pl'
- Setup scrips. The scrip fires on the queue that the ticket is being
transferred to.


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Actually, I built one of these for a client in the past few weeks:


I'd love to hear how it works for you

On Tue, Jun 26, 2001 at 10:27:10AM -0400, Eric Mandel wrote:
> I think I remember seeing a question about this in the past but I can't
> to find it.
> We have been using RT2 for a while now and have received some feedback on
> the system. One item that pretty much everyone has asked for is a way to
> notify admin watchers when a ticket changes queues. There doesn't appear
> be a scrip for this and it doesn't fall under OnCreate. Is there a
> workaround for this? Either by creating a new scrip or having OnCreate
> this scenario?
> Thanks.
> Eric Mandel
> WorldNow
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