[rt-devel] New mail on a ticket indication

Damian Gerow damian at sentex.net
Mon Jan 7 13:51:01 EST 2002

>I'm trying to present the fact that new mail from a requestor is present 
>on a ticket on the user's start page.
>I've worked out that the WebRT/html/Elements/MyTickets file needs editing, 
>and that the property I need to display is the Transaction->IsInbound() 
>value of the most recent transaction on a ticket.
>Here's where I'm having difficulty though.  I can't work out how to get 
>the most recent Transaction object from the Transactions object returned 
>by Ticket->Transactions().
>How can I get at it?

Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but in MyTickets, I did the 
following.  It adds a 'Last Updated' column to the MyTickets table (as you 
would see in a Queue listing):

@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@
  <TH ALIGN=LEFT>Subject</TH>
  <TH ALIGN=LEFT>Status</TH>
+<TH ALIGN=LEFT>Updated</TH>
  <TH ALIGN=LEFT>&nbsp;</TH>
  % while (my $Ticket = $MyTickets->Next) {

@@ -21,8 +22,9 @@

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