[rt-devel] bug? Moving tickets into queue user cannot view

Matthew Watson mwatson at netspace.net.au
Wed Jan 9 01:28:41 EST 2002

Ok, I've fixed this up, here are the diff files (against 2.0.8) , never
really used diff, so your milage may differ. :)


<     unless ($self->OwnerObj->HasQueueRight(Right=> 'CreateTicket',
>     unless ($self->OwnerObj->HasQueueRight(Right=> 'OwnTicket',
<     return($self->SetOwner($RT::Nobody->UserObj, 'Untake'));
>     #$RT::Logger->debug("mwatson: $RT::Nobody->Id\n");
>     return($self->SetOwner($RT::Nobody->Id, 'Untake'));

copy rtbase/WebRT/html/Ticket/Modify.html to

Then run this diff.
> # Need to reload incase user can no longer view it, eg queue has changed.
> $TicketObj = LoadTicket($id);
> unless ($TicketObj->CurrentUserHasRight('ShowTicket')) {
>         Abort("No permission to view ticket");
> }

Mat watson.

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 I've found that if a user changed the queue on a ticket from a queue they
can view, to a queue they cannot view then the page just stalls, and the
apache process goes crazy and up all the memory it can.
I noticed this also happened in rt1, with the only difference being that it
was a perl process that went crazy, for obvious reasons.

 I suspect I should just be able to put something like

unless ($Ticket->CurrentUserHasRight('ShowTicket')) {
        Abort("No permission to view ticket");

into Modify.html

 Should this work?
Anyone else noticed this?


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