[rt-devel] Translation Problems.

Rafael Maximo maximo at maximo.br.fm
Thu Nov 28 08:00:29 EST 2002


         The French version seems to be working but i tried with Spanish 
version and i got the same problem as the problem I reported.

         With this information i tried to see the diferencies between the 
French e Portuguese version and when i removed lines 3 and 4 from the file 

---lines removed from pt_br.po---

msgid ""
msgstr ""

and after that the Portuguese version worked without problems. It's very 
interesting because i thought those two lines were required.

         I think you did a very good job translating RT to Brazilian 


At 08:41 AM 28/11/2002, you wrote:
> >>>>> "Rafael" == Rafael Maximo <maximo at maximo.br.fm> writes:
>   Rafael> Hi, I'm using RT 2.1.48 and I access it in my own language
>   Rafael> (as expected witch is brazilian portuguese) but I also
>   Rafael> noticed some problems in some caracters specially on
>   Rafael> combined caracters like "A acute" (á). all accented
>   Rafael> caracters have the same problems. I tried to change directly
>   Rafael> at file "/opt/rt3/lib/RT/I18N/pt_br.po" but I didn't have
>   Rafael> success. How can I make those caracters to be shown as
>   Rafael> expected?  Is it fixed on RT 2.1.50?
>I contributed the Brazilian Portuguese translation but I'm not keeping
>pace with RT development I'm sad to say.  I just downloaded the last
>version and compared the pt_bt.po file with the fr.po and they seem to
>agree in the encoding of accented characters (UTF-8).  Could you try
>the French or the Spanish translation to see if the display problem
>BTW, I've just counted 346 non-translated entries in it and I'll try
>to translate them in the next few days.  I'd appreciate if you send
>comments and criticisms about the translation proper directly to me.

Rafael Máximo

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