[rt-devel] Translation Problems.

Gustavo Chaves gustavo at cpqd.com.br
Thu Nov 28 11:07:12 EST 2002

>>>>> "Rafael" == Rafael Maximo <maximo at maximo.br.fm> writes:

  Rafael> Gustavo, The French version seems to be working but i tried
  Rafael> with Spanish version and i got the same problem as the
  Rafael> problem I reported.

  Rafael>          With this information i tried to see the
  Rafael> diferencies between the French e Portuguese version and when
  Rafael> i removed lines 3 and 4 from the file pt_br.po:

  Rafael> ---lines removed from pt_br.po---

  Rafael> msgid ""
  Rafael> msgstr ""

  Rafael> and after that the Portuguese version worked without
  Rafael> problems. It's very interesting because i thought those two
  Rafael> lines were required.

I got quickly over the gettext documentation and couldn't find why
these lines should be required before the file's initial headers.  I
checked the version I sent in May and found that it already had them,
but I can't remember having put them there on purpose.

I guess their presence hides the initial headers which determine the
character encoding of the file (UTF-8).  If this is correct these
lines shouldn't really be there.

Does anyone in this list know better?

  Rafael>          I think you did a very good job translating RT to
  Rafael> Brazilian Portuguese.

Thanks.  But I'm sure it could use some improvements. :)


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