[Rt-devel] RT 3.4.0 rc1 Database Schema

Joel Johnson joel48 at ischool.washington.edu
Mon Dec 27 18:34:09 EST 2004

I am currently using RT 3.2.2 in production and have taken a database
snapshot to use on a test system with the 3.4 RC1 package. It has so far
taken care of a number of issues we've been having (unlimited rows per
page, SeeQueue and SeeConfigTab rights, as well as custom fields, plus
others). One problem I did have during installation was with the upgrade
of the database to the 3.3.0 schema. I got a bunch of different error
messages (as a result of partially completing the import, then starting
with a different data set, etc), and eventually traced it down to the
following two lines in the etc/upgrade/3.3.0/schema.mysql file:

alter table ObjectCustomFieldValues drop index ticketcustomfieldvalues1;
alter table ObjectCustomFieldValues drop index ticketcustomfieldvalues2;

As I looked into it, the database I am running does not have either of
those indexes on my TicketCustomFieldValues tables (original name of
ObjectCustomFieldValues), and so attempting to drop these gives an
error, which stops rt-setup-database, which doesn't allow
ObjectCustomFields to get created.....

Are these indexes (or indices if you like) standard and just missing on
my schema, or will it be a more wide-spread issue that should be
addressed in the schema (check if index exists before dropping)?

Joel Johnson
Information School
University of Washington

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