[rt-devel] performance problems

Palle Girgensohn girgen at pingpong.net
Sat Jan 17 23:06:32 EST 2004

--On torsdag, januari 15, 2004 17.30.44 +0000 Andrew Stribblehill 
<a.d.stribblehill at durham.ac.uk> wrote:

> Quoting Jesse Vincent <jesse at bestpractical.com> (2004-01-15 14:54:53 GMT):
>> On Thu, Jan 15, 2004 at 03:27:46AM +0100, Palle Girgensohn wrote:
>> > Hi!
>> >
>> > I have a pretty old piece of hardware: Dual Pentium III @ 450 MHz. 786
>> > MB  RAM, but I've never had real performance problems with it before,
>> > not until  RT came along.
>> Nowhere do you say what version of RT and DBIx::SearchBuilder you're
>> running. It's quite important that you be up to date with both and that
>> you follow the upgrade instructions for adding new indices. If you're
>> running the current searchbuilder and you're seeing the exact same SQL
>> query that many times, it sounds like there's something wrong. It would
>> be useful to know what page is causing the repeated queries.
> I had this problem too with 3.0.8 and SBr 0.96. It took me 5 minutes
> to view a ticket and seemed reproducible. The database was on a
> different host and is running Postgres 7.2.1.
> I tried it out with a colleague's MySQL database -- he gave me r/o
> access to his RT data -- and it flew.
> Then I went back to my Postgres to chase up the bug, and the problem
> mysteriously vanished.
> Sorry this report isn't very useful.

Yeah, most reports are about bad postgresql performance, but if there is a 
problem with postgresql & RT, it is in the perl code the problem lies. 
Checking logs and monitoring the system, it is pretty obviuos that 
postgresql does it's thing faily quickly while perl eats CPU clock cycles 
like godzilla. :)

And yes, quite frankly, your report isn't very useful. ;-)  Still, 
interesting to hear that the problem just disappeared? Did you modify your 
data in anyway. I'm beginning to think that my import from gnats did not 
come out all successful, and that there is something bad with the data in 
my database, and that this makes RT do bad things that takes a lot of time. 
Just browsing the database, I see that it has some tables with redundant 
data, probably to increase performance. Maybe I didn't get my import all 
right? Is there a way to check this, like a data schema with info on how 
all tables are connected?


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