[Rt-devel] Query Builder, Saved Searches

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Thu Jul 1 12:14:31 EDT 2004

On Thu, Jul 01, 2004 at 11:58:38AM -0400, Josh Levinger wrote:
> I've just upgraded to 3.2.0, in the hopes of loving the new powerful 
> query builder. Unfortunately, all the old bookmarks I made are broken, 
> and the queries must be rebuilt. This is understandable, but the new 
> search interface is taking some getting used to.
> Is query builder documented somewhere? The "or" button doesn't seem to 
> create an OR query, and it takes skillful use of the left/right buttons 
> to simplify the search logic. I'm sure this is a more powerful, 
> extensible search mechanism, but it does precisely what I tell it to, 
> not what I want it to. The old feature divined what I wanted, and just 
> found the tickets.

As a consequence, the old search interface  couldn't do what many users
wanted or expected it to do.  We _are_ working to improve the new query
builder interface and  are happy to hear stories of what searches you're
trying to build and what RT's making hard for you. So far, it's "more
right" than the old way for the queries that we do and the queries that
users we work with closely do.. 

> I understand 
> that the searches can be saved _inside_ RT, but this takes at least 
> three clicks, and three slow reloads, to get to. Can I somehow put the 
> "bookmarkable url" back? 

Sure. When looking at a search results page, you can bookmark the "Show
Results" menu item in the left hand menu bar. That will work exactly
like the old "Bookmark this search".  In 3.2.1, we'll add that as
another link at the bottom of the page.

> I've gotten the attached error several times when merely poking around 
> the Query Builder, and not asking it to do anything out of the 
> ordinary. It appears to be an unimplemented attribute, unrelated to any 
> of my onsite customizations.

In the future, could you please attach errors in plain text? Having to
download the attachment and then open it up in an RTF reader can be
somewhat of a pain.   That attribute is something that _does_ exist in
the core release of RT 3.2. Can you give us a click-trail to reproduce
it? Can you reproduce it on rt3.fsck.com?

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