[Rt-devel] 'Bulk Update' not working?

Dave Alden alden at math.ohio-state.edu
Tue Jan 24 07:52:43 EST 2006


On Tue, Jan 24, 2006 at 07:09:39AM -0500, Ben Goodwin wrote:
> I tried that, too after seeing your first email .. And that didn't work.
> I've only had this problem with 3.5.x -- never with 3.4.  But if I initiate
> a new query and form an advanced query by hand (or cut-n-paste a previous
> query, but it MUST be a new/blank advanced query to start) such that the
> FORMAT window is empty, it works just fine.  Dave -- can you see if that
> works for you?

Let me make sure I understand.  First I select "Tickets", then "New Search",
then "Advanced", then I type something like "Owner = 'alden'" in the top
window and select "Apply", then "Bulk Update" and try to do my bulk update?
If so, this didn't make any difference.  :-(


Dave Alden
The Ohio State University
Department of Mathematics

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