[Rt-devel] Spontaneous Merge of Tickets?

Jeff Albert jralbert at uvic.ca
Mon Sep 25 12:10:29 EDT 2006

Hello all,
This week we had a weird problem with RT: a ticket from one queue became 
merged with a ticket from another queue, apparently without any user 
interaction. No transaction exists for either ticket to suggest that the 
merge has been performed, but one ticket's effective ID has been set to 
the other ticket's ID. Nothing shows up in the logs marking the merge, 
although I don't see any code to log that action in MergeInto().

So, questions: can anyone guess why these tickets might have suddenly 
merged? Similarly, can anyone guess why there might not be a transaction 
recorded for the merge? And finally, should there be logging to cover 
ticket merges? Thanks in advance for all advice and assistance!

Jeff Albert

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