[Rt-devel] RT-CRONTool Tasks

Jeff Stark JStark at sumtotalsystems.com
Tue May 22 08:57:36 EDT 2007

Reposting...hoping for some feedback as this is impacting our ticket
escalation strategy.
- Stark



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I am new to Perl and RT...so this may seem like an obvious question.  I
created a new script, much like the "EscalatePriority" script  and I put
it in the same directory, but when I try to call it from RT-CronTool I
get the following error:
Failed to load module RT::Action::ResolveInReview. () at
/opt/rt3/bin/rt-crontool line 206.

Can someone provide a quick list of the steps needed to get a script to
work with the rt-crontool, I looked on the lists and wiki, but wasn't
able to find anything.
Jeff Stark    

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