[Rt-devel] POLL Re: RT3.8beta - creating child tickets

Jason Long jlong at messiah.edu
Mon May 12 12:07:39 EDT 2008

Jesse Vincent wrote:
> I'd love to hear some more folks input on this one. It's certainly 
> working as "designed". The infinite loop behavior feels clearly wrong. 
> But what about the rest of the cloning behavior? I'd like to get this 
> nailed down in the next week or two.
> So. If you're reading this and have an opinion or a use case, please 
> chime in.

I would rather have these "Create" buttons serve as a "create a related 
ticket" rather than a "clone this ticket" feature. Perhaps there could 
be an additional button there, "Clone Ticket" which copies everything 
(including links), but does not establish any relationship between the 

When I "create a related ticket", I would like it to copy the subject 
and maybe the watchers and priority from the original ticket, but pretty 
much nothing else.

Here's my fun example. I'm working on ticket #2- "bake a cake". I 
determine that I don't have enough flour on hand. I create a "child" 
ticket #3- "get more flour". The child ticket #3 could be in a separate 
queue, assigned to someone else. I, the owner of #2, am the requester of 
#3. Someone else can take #3, perform the task, and I'll be notified 
when it is completed.


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