[Rt-devel] Time Worked Transaction

Fran Fabrizio fran at cis.uab.edu
Sun Aug 16 19:30:25 EDT 2009


I have a script that does exactly this.  In fact, I just need to spend 
about an hour with it, and then I was planning on sharing it on the list 
in the next week or two.  However, if it is urgent, I can send it to you 
sooner, in its current state as-is (I think it is fully functional, but 
wanted to do some more testing and cleanup).  Let me know.


Joel Hartshorn wrote:
> I need to report on time spent per ticket per time period per owner.  
> Unfortunately, not all time transactions are recorded the same way.  
> Is there a simple way to record a transaction for "ALL" time deltas 
> regardless of the input method (email, one of the various forms).
> IE.  Does RT allow me to put event triggers on fields?  Or, ???
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