[Rt-devel] [rt-users] MergeUsers extension for RT problem.

Kevin Falcone falcone at bestpractical.com
Fri Oct 2 20:36:51 EDT 2009

On Fri, Oct 02, 2009 at 12:14:40PM -0400, Jason A. Smith wrote:
> I was considering using the MergeUser functionality to merge user
> accounts created with the WebExternalAuto method and our ExternalAuth,
> which have blank email addresses, with the accounts created through
> email interaction with RT.  Since one of the accounts didn't have an
> email address, it appeared blank.  My proposed patch displays the
> account name (which should always be present) and email address if that
> is present.

I modified this slightly and pushed the logic back into the lib so it
could be used in the messages from UnMerge also.  See
a1eb2b4e76f4c95fd4341abad22c168605579590 when it reaches github when
I'm back online.

> The patch also adds the reverse link, when viewing the user others have
> been merged into, their names now link to their modify user page.

I didn't take this because the extension should actually load the
primary user, even when you load a merged user by Id (and this is the
behavior I observed while testing).

If you can show me that it does something different, I'm willing to

> While testing this, it seemed a little flaky.  Are there still some
> issues or bugs with Real & Effective merged users?

I wasn't aware of any, but I did tweak something with the cache that
may have been bugging you (I noticed it while testing your patch).
I also cleaned up some warnings and rolled 0.04_01

You should find RT-Extension-MergeUsers-0.04_01 on a cpan mirror near
you sometime over the weekend.

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