[Rt-devel] ticket creation from web interface fails undefined ParseAddressFromHeader

Bram rtdevel at lists.wizbit.be
Tue Sep 1 12:47:46 EDT 2009

> Upon creation of a ticket through the web interface I get the   
> following error:
> Undefined subroutine &RT::EmailParser::ParseAddressFromHeader called
> at /opt/rt3/bin/../lib/RT/User_Local.pm line 272.
> Any suggestions as on where to start looking for a fix to this problem?

I would suggest you start looking at /opt/rt3/lib/RT/User_Local.pm.
What code is in there? Where did it come from?

The default RT installation does not contain User_Local.pm...
You may have created it yourself or it may have been installed by a  
plugin or you may have found it on the wiki or.... without seeing the  
code it is impossible to tell. (nor to fix it)

(You might also want to take a look at  
http://wiki.bestpractical.com/view/LdapSummary )

Best regards,


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