[Rt-devel] Two problems with rt-3.9.7

Odhiambo Washington odhiambo at gmail.com
Wed Dec 29 11:02:31 EST 2010

Hi everyone,

I'm testing rt-3.9.7 and two problems are tying me down. It's quite some
time since I used RT actively so I'm trying to catch up.
The first is related to Resolved template. I have the following template -
http://inetpro.org/pastebin/10622 - which worked in RT (I can't tell which
version is worked with lastly. Probably 3.6.x) but is simply not being
accepted in 3.9.7. What changes do I need on it so that 3.9.7 can accept it
as type=perl (not as type = simple)?
Secondly, my AutoReply template, also carried forward from the old days,
generates a random password for a requestor and should allow the requestor
to login to RT and view tickets created by them. The login part works, but
requestor cannot view tickets. I'd love to have requestors view/comment
tickets they generate.
I have given "Everyone" the following rights:

   -  Comment on ticketsCommentOnTicket
   -  Create ticketsCreateTicket
   -  Reply to ticketsReplyToTicket
   -  Sign up as a ticket Requestor or ticket or queue CcWatch
   -  View custom fieldsSeeCustomField
   -  View queueSeeQueue
   -  View system dashboardsSeeDashboard
   -  View ticket summaries

 Modify one's own RT accountModifySelf
 View ticket private commentaryShowTicketComment

However, requestors are still not able to view their tickets to start with!
What other rights do I need to give.

While it is not key on my troubles, is anyone usind RT VERP already with
Exim and would like to share Exim configuration to handle this?

NB: I am using Chrome to view RT and it works pretty well. However, Firefox
4.0beta8 simply gives me grief. I'm not sure where to lay the blame for
this, but I will not put on Jesse and his team for now:-)

Best regards,
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