[Rt-devel] Attachments are getting deleted on CF value change (Bug? Feature?)

Alexander Finger af at genevainformation.ch
Fri Mar 25 10:55:31 EDT 2011


I have a Queue (Test) for which "Everyone" has the right to create tickets.

The Requestor has then the right to CommentOntTicket, SeeCustomField,
SeeQueue and ModifyCustomField, ModifyTicket.

I have two custom fields, one "enter one value" (VALUE) and one
"upload multiple files" (FILES).
I created a user which is privileged but nothing else.

This user can, as everyone, create a Ticket and set VALUE as well as
upload a file into FILE.

As Requestor he can afterwards access his ticket and modify the custom fields.

Now: If he makes any change on the custom fields (eg change VALUE),
the attachment of FILE gets deleted.

 I don't understand why any change in any custom field can imply that
an attachment gets thrown away. This happens for single file uploads
as well as for multiple files. If there are more than one
attachment-custom fields, all attachments get thrown away.

First of all that looks to be a bug, to me (but I might be terribly
wrong and have done a stupid mistake which I don't see).
Second, the kinky part of this is that anyone with full admin
privileges on the queue can do the modifications and the attachments
will NOT be deleted (eg any superuser).

Any pointers or opinions?


P.S.: This happens in RT 3.8.4 as well as in 4.0rc7

Netzwerkmanagement mit OpenNMS: http://www.dpunkt.de/buecher/3194.html

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