[Rt-devel] Upgrading a gigantic 3.4.4 database to 4.0?

Jeff Albert jralbert at uvic.ca
Wed May 4 17:06:35 EDT 2011

Hey Kevin,
Thanks for the quick reply. MySQL's error log suggests it's failing to allocate memory past about 2.5GB; I'll work with our DBAs to see what we can do with MySQL in this area.

Generally I'm curious about the feasibility of continuing to run a single large instance of RT; presumably at some point the query times will just become untenable (bringing up the query builder in our existing 3.4 instance can take up to a minute even now). Would you recommend separating into smaller instances, or a different approach?


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On Wed, May 04, 2011 at 01:35:43PM -0700, Jeff Albert wrote:
>    Now that RT 4.0 is out, I've finally been granted resources to move forward from our existing
>    RT 3.4.4 install. The challenge we've been having with that existing install is that it's huge
>    - over 17GB on disk, with on the order of 250,000 tickets in 71 active queues, and roughly a
>    hojillion attachments.

I've successfully converted larger Attachments tables, so you should be fine.

>    At this point I'm working with a new server and a clone of the 3.4.4 database, trying to get
>    through the RT 4.0 schema update steps, and the `ALTER TABLE Attachments...' query is running
>    for many hours and then dying, apparently unsuccessfully; I presume the issue is the number
>    and size of blobs to be processed.

You should be checking the mysql error logs to find out why it failed, or running the output of upgrade-mysql-schema.pl through mysql -v to get some more diagnostics.

Without knowing *why* it failed, it's hard to offer suggestions.


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