[rt-devel] problem with dashboard mail in outlook after upgrade from 3.8.13 to 4.0.7

Christian Loos cloos at netcologne.de
Fri Oct 19 08:35:40 EDT 2012

OK found the problem.
Outlook 2003 doesn't like the 'overflow: visible' style on all elements.
This was added with this commit:

Maybe Thomas remembers why the 'overflow: visible' was needed because I
removed It and didn't see any problems in the print layout.
Also the styles added for forms later with this commit are never take
effect as form elements are not displayed within the print layout.


Am 01.10.2012 14:32, schrieb Christian Loos:
> Hi,
> I recently upgraded our RT from 3.8.13 to 4.0.7.
> After that if I view an dashboard mail in Outlook (2003) there are the
> vertical scrollbars missing. If you have many objects within an
> dashboard you can't see anything.
> I checked the html source and the content is there.
> As we don't changed the dashboard or the Outlook version I think there
> must be an problem within the dashboard html rendering that changed with
> RT 4.0 and break outlook mail display.
> The problem occurs with dashboards containing result list, charts and
> both of them.
> I noticed the following problems with the dashboard html rendering:
> * in share/html/Search/Elements/Chart the href values are not quoted
> * in share/html/Search/Elements/Chart the src value of the img tag isn't
> fully url escaped (maybe /share/html/Elements/QueryString should return
> an '$amp;' instead of an '&')
> * an closing div is missing but I don't know where
> * the closing body and html tags are missing within the mail (but they
> where missing in RT 3.8 too and didn't make any trouble)
> I will try to fix some problems to test if this makes Outlook happy
> but maybe some out there already know the problem and can help fixing this.
> Chris
> PS: the dashboard mail looks ok in Thunderbird but force my users to use
> Thunderbird isn't an option for me ;-)
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