[rt-devel] RT Tracker: styling, look-n-feel ...

Thomas Sibley trs at bestpractical.com
Fri Apr 19 13:45:35 EDT 2013

On 04/19/2013 07:32 AM, Geert Claes wrote:
> Ruslan Zakirov-2 wrote
>> We bring a new theme in RT 4.2 without switching to a CSS framework.
> While a new theme will very likely be a big improvement, I still reckon that
> the work to incorporate a  CSS framework (big it may be) will quickly pay
> off, because there are a lot of themes available for these frameworks
> created by professional designers which have a much better eye for what
> looks great as aposed to developers.

It is not just looks and appearance that matter for an application, but
also how people interact with it (UX).  Switching to a CSS framework
certainly helps, but doesn't actually solve most of the layout and
design problems.

Bootstrap and the ilk are just frameworks, in the end you still need
someone to decide the layout and interaction flow.  None of it is easy
or quick work.

We certainly want to improve RT's interface, but _just_ retooling it
onto Bootstrap isn't going to solve any problems by itself.

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