[rt-devel] ForwardTicket in RT 4.2.5 and Callbacks

Alexander Reintzsch Alexander.Reintzsch at netsystem.de
Mon Jun 16 08:03:22 EDT 2014

>> What can I use now when RT::Interface::Email::ForwardTicket is gone?
>> How do I forward requests to a given e-mail-address?

> http://bestpractical.com/docs/rt/latest/RT/Ticket.html#Forward-Transaction-undef-To-Cc-Bcc


> Keep in mind, 4.2 now treats Forwards like Comments/Corresponds,
> meaning it records a transaction and triggers a standard Scrip, rather
> than doing a bunch of non-standard stuff.

That is really a pity, because I rather want the e-mail-address where the ticket is forwarded to to be hidden from the eyes of normal users.
I can see the point in the changes using standards but then I face quite some issues.

Either I write my own email forwarding methods or I introduce a new right which allows users to see a transaction in the history or doesn't do so.
I will check both options. Thanks anyway for you reply.

>> As I saw, you changed the callbacks quite a bit. Is there a list of the current callbacks?

> grep -r -- m-\>callback share/html/ lib/

Thanks, that query is very helpful. :)


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