[rt-devel] RT 4.2.7: application/octet-stream

Brian McNally bmcnally at uw.edu
Thu Oct 2 17:33:48 EDT 2014

It looks like my previous email didn't arrive at the list, so resending...

I'm wondering if we can get some additional help with this. I'm not sure 
I'll be able to track down the bug in a timely manner. For my own 
clarification, my reading of the error indicates that the path is:

MakeMIMEEntity() -> SetMIMEEntityToUTF8() -> SetMIMEEntityToEncoding()

Where SetMIMEEntityToEncoding() fails saying it got the wrong input 
(characters vs. a byte string). So, does that mean that a step was 
skipped, where the text should have been converted to a byte string but 
wasn't? Or does it mean that it was a bytestring at one time but somehow 
got converted back to characters? If it helps at all, I found that if I 
used the email interface, and passed my message though mimedefang, I did 
not have this problem (text would render as expected in the web interface).

Is there anything I can provide about my environment that might be useful?

Thanks again,

Brian McNally

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