[rt-users] "Final priority" and full-text transaction search

Rich Graves rcgraves at brandeis.edu
Thu Apr 20 08:53:42 EDT 2000

I installed RT last week and I really like it.

One thing confuses me though: What the heck is the "Final Priority" field
good for?

Anyway, I'm hacking together full-text search for RT 1.0 (CVS) by wrapping
WWW::Search around htdig. Another search engine would do, but htdig is
free and I'm already running it.  The idea is to get the serial_num by
parsing the filename, then use that to fetch the subject, area, owner,
requestor, and status from the database. It's trivial to have WWW::Search
return a link URL built from serial_num. You can see the first bits of UI
at http://webserver.brandeis.edu/cgi-bin/rtsearch?search_for=kerberos
Rich Graves <rcgraves at brandeis.edu>
UNet Systems Administrator

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